Finding The Best Baby Gate For Your Home In 2017

When you have a growing family, baby gates can be one of the more important investments for safety you make around your home. They can add a needed element of predictability and protection when your little one starts to explore, keeping your baby safely contained when your attention is needed elsewhere.

North States Supergate Deluxe Decor Metal Baby Gate

This North States Supergate Deluxe Decor Baby Gate gets our top marks for its safety, ease of use, and stylish aesthetic. It’s pivoting wings give it the ability to serve in either standard-width door frames or extra-wide spaces, spanning between 38.3 and 72 inches without the need for any extensions or slides. It’s certainly at the top of our list for the best baby gates of 2017.

They can also be crucial for keeping your baby safe around the more dangerous areas of your home, such as the stairs or fireplace. But at the same time, some baby gates can needlessly be a bit too much of a nuisance to everyday life. Constantly needing to step over the gate, taking 10 seconds and needing both hands to undo its lock, or having to ensure the gate shuts properly behind you when you’re in a hurry. Some baby gates are just an everyday pain.

But fortunately, not all of them are. Certain baby gates are designed for the ideal combination of optimal safety, sturdiness, and convenience, and it is our task at the Baby Gate Guru to find them, bring them to your attention, and compare them against other leading gates on the market. We try to consolidate that information throughout this site to help make your decision of choosing the best baby gate for your home or daycare hassle-free and a little quicker.

Let’s get started by looking at our list of the 10 best baby gates available in 2017, organized into the below comparison chart so you can quickly see which ones will work with the space you are working with, or sort by other important factors such as price range and average customer rating.

Finding The Right Fit For Your Home

Hopefully the comparison chart above is helpful in providing a quick overview of key metrics for some of the best baby gates. The first step for choosing the right fit for your home though is of course to identify the area(s) in your home that you would like to have a gate, and then which style of gate will work best for it.

Naturally there are sizing concerns, as the gate you ultimately choose will need to fit into the space you have in mind for it. But there are also certain features useful in different areas of the house that various styles of gates specifically offer. For example, a gate designed for the top of the stairs should have the crucial feature of a door that swings in only one direction so it will never swing out over the stairs themselves.

We have written guides for choosing the best baby gates in each of the various styles, that go into more detail about these features and what to look out for from one gate to another. Click on one of the baby gate styles below to learn more about it.

The stairs are the most important area of the house for placing a baby gate. Most other areas of the house are simply about containment–making sure your baby is safely in one spot playing–but a baby gate for stairs, especially one for the top of the stairs, ensures that the child doesn’t accidentally tumble down and have a serious injury.

When it comes to baby gates at the top of the stairs, the gate must be sturdy enough to have zero risk of falling over if the child (or anything, for that matter) is leaning on it, so the right hardware mounted metal gate is crucial. No pressure mounted gates will work reliably enough to trust here.

Not all spaces you want to use a baby gate on are going to fall neatly into a standard size. Standard doorways in the U.S. are 34 inches wide, but often there are entryways in the home much wider than that which we want to gate. Especially with the trend towards open concept living.

That’s when turning to an extra wide baby gate is the right choice. The maximum width an extra wide baby gate covers varies greatly from model to model, but a common coverage for a gate is up to 72 inches. However, there are some super wide gates that come in sets that cover up to 192 inches, like the Regalo Super Wide Gate pictured. It’s so wide and flexible it can also be used as a standalone playpen.

Baby gates of the past, and indeed the super cheap baby gates of today, were just variations of the same wooden or plastic panel design. For an adult or older child to get past them required swinging out the whole gate, fully removing, or stepping over. It’s an inconvenience that can now easily be avoided with a quality baby gate with door.

Choosing the right baby gate with door though is crucial though, as some doors can be as inconvenient to operate as not having a door in the first place. Important considerations involve the ability to open the door’s lock with one hand, while the door’s lock being difficult enough to operate still that your child can’t unlock it when they’re not supposed to.

Growing more and more popular in modern homes are retractable baby gates. They allow the features of a baby gate when you need them, while tucking neatly away and mostly out of sight when you don’t.

Retractable baby gates are typically quite a bit more expensive than even heavy-duty metal baby gates, but to many parents the added cost is worth the convenience and aesthetic of being able to hide away the baby gate when it’s not in use. Also, since they are typically made of mesh and can simply expand to the other side of the mounting hardware, retractable baby gates tend to be able to accommodate extra wide spaces.

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