Outdoor safety is a topic where baby gates can be relevant. Whether you have a pool or just a garden or backyard, keep the tips in the following safety guide in mind.

Keeping babies safe in the backyard / garden

Outdoor Baby Safety - Pools, Gardens, and Baby GatesThe garden is a wonderful place for babies and young children to experience. The environment stimulates all five senses and gives them a good healthy dose of sunlight and Vitamin D.

Keeping them safe is of course of utmost importance though. Babies and toddlers love to explore, but there are lots of potential hazards in the garden, from pools to prickly plants, that they are not yet aware of.

Water can be particularly hazardous. Whilst they are outside, make sure that they are either supervised at all times or protected by a reliable baby gate, and you can enjoy the outdoors together with peace of mind.

In and around water

Babies and toddlers love being near the water, the beautiful iridescent light and shadows from a pool or pond are fascinating. But water can be extremely dangerous and it is possible to drown in even in a few inches of water, in little time.  Young children should never be left unattended when there is an accessible pool or pond nearby.

The safest way of keeping young children away from a pool is to build a secure fence around it that is at least 4 foot high. You can also make use of play yards to keep them in a confined safe space in the backyard, or other outdoor baby gates that can seal off areas.

If you are swimming with your baby, safety in the pool is equally important. Babies should always have a flotation device, even if you are holding on to them. Teaching your children to swim should be done while they are young to achieve as much independence and healthy respect of water as possible.

Looking after crawling children

As soon as babies are on the move, they want to explore everything. It is also surprising how fast they can go! Out in the garden, this can be wonderful, but it also important to keep them safe. For little ones, setting up a baby gate play yard is a good idea to keep them confined and kept safe and sound. You can fill the play yard with soft blankets to keep them comfortable if they are rolling or crawling.

Plants and flowers

Babies love to put things in their mouths to feel the texture and the taste. This is a natural way of them building up their immune system. Not everything in the garden is edible though, and you will need to supervise children if they are amongst the plants.

Very poisonous garden plants include Hydrangeas, Lilies, Rhododendrons, Foxgloves, Narcissus and Oleander. Many other flowers such as Jasmine and Hyacinth can be a skin irritant, especially for little ones with sensitive skin. Once you have come in from the garden, make sure that you thoroughly wash your babies hands to remove any dirt and traces of pollen.

Safe and sound in the sun

Babies have very sensitive skin and it is easily prone to sunburn. Even 15 minutes in the sun is enough to cause serious sunburn, particularly in the summer. A good sunblock of Factor 50 should be applied regularly, to prevent your baby’s skin from getting burned. It is a good idea for them to wear a sun hat, and to have plenty of time in the shade. A small gazebo, or parasol area can provide sufficient shade if there isn’t any natural shade from trees.

The garden is a wonderful place for little ones, just make sure that your babies are either supervised or safely confined with the help of baby gates. If you can achieve that, then even a small patch of grass will delight them, and your children will adore the feeling of a gentle breeze and sunshine while developing a love for playing outdoors.