Finding The Best Extra Wide Baby Gate For Your Home

Sometimes the space you need to enclose has an extra large doorway or gap that makes it impossible to separate with a standard baby safety gate.

Regalo Extra Wide Baby Gate, 192-Inch

It doesn’t get any more extra wide than the 192″ Regalo Super Wide Baby Gate. It’s made of a sturdy steel and is adaptable to all kinds of situations, and it’s extreme maximum width sets it apart from all other extra wide baby gates.

Fortunately, the right extra wide baby gate should be able to help you enclose any space for not too much more money. On this page we examine some of the best extra wide baby gates available to hopefully help make your decision a little easier.

A standard doorway is 34 inches wide in the U.S., but often the area we want to enclose has an entryway much wider than that. Extra wide baby gates have a max width starting at about 44 inches wide, with most having a max width of 60″ – 72″. But there’s even a Super Wide gate on the market by Regalo that has an extraordinary maximum width of 192 inches, which can easily enclose a large living room or even form a circular playpen with itself to help keep your baby safely in one spot with his or her toys.

The Regalo Super Wide includes 8 steel removable and configurable panels that help you create just the setup you need each time you use it, but not all extra wide baby gates are that involved. More common are gates like the North States Supergate Deluxe that are one piece where the wings on either side of the door pivot to create the perfect width for your opening, or a retractable gate like the Retract-A-Gate safety gate where the mesh fabric just pulls out until it’s the right width for you. Some extra wide gates also simply become wider with expanders that you purchase and add-on to the standard gate.

Before we examine any of these extra wide gates in more detail, let’s first take a look at a quick comparison chart of their key features.

A More In-Depth Look At The Top Extra Wide Baby Gates

Hopefully the comparison chart above is useful in getting some quick info on some of the best extra wide baby gates. Now we’ll take a more detailed look into a few of our favorites.

The Regalo Super Wide Gate And Play Yard

Regalo Extra Wide Baby Gate With Door, 192-InchAs we mentioned above, the Regalo Super Wide is in a class all of its own in terms of width. With a maximum width of 192 inches (16 feet, or 487 centimeters) it can span virtually any home space, including an open concept living room.

It does this through the use of 8 folding, detachable 24-inch wide steel panels, including one that has an easy-open door with a safety locking feature. Each panel pivots to keep the whole gate flexible over a wide span, and you don’t have to use all the panels, letting you enclose a space as small or large as you like. This makes it perfect for stairway entrances that flare out wide, enclosing the hard fireplace to make sure it’s off limits to the little one, or even forming a circular 19-square-foot playpen for the little one to safely play in.

Regalo Extra Wide Baby Gate Playpen, 192-InchThis extra wide baby gate comes with hardware to connect it to the wall wherever you would like to create a more permanent and sturdy setup. But because of its great length and steel material, it can also free stand on its own in certain setups, like when it’s curved, at a right angle, and/or supported by a wall or island. Just make sure that if you use it as a freestanding gate it is sturdy enough and not at risk of falling. And of course when it’s in play pen mode it is entirely freestanding.

What’s more, if you want an even larger play pen or baby gate, all you need to do is buy another set as you can continue to connect more panels. Adding further to the convenience, when you’re done with the gate it folds down into a small, easily portable little package.

North States, the manufacturer we are going to examine next, also makes a super wide gate that’s a matte bronze color. It can look higher end with that finish, but it’s a little smaller at 144″ and costs about twice as much. It’s a great stylish pick though if you’re less budget conscious.

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North States Supergate Deluxe Decor Metal Gate

North States Supergate Deluxe Decor Metal Baby GateThe North States Supergate also makes an appearance on our best baby gates with door article, because it is definitely one of the most stylish and reliable baby gates. It’s one cohesive piece (the wings do not come off) but because the wings pivot it can be made to span any space between 38 and 72 inches wide. Although the 72 inches is the manufacturer’s max-width, some reviewers have specified that the actual maximum width is 71.3 inches, so if your space is right on the bubble be aware of that.

If your space is at all less than 70 inches, this pivoting actually creates a really nice effect in the baby gate, with the straight door section protruding out from the diagonal wings. The result is a classier arch shape, which goes very nicely with the classy matte bronze finish. The gate is also available in a light linen color if white matches your home better.

And the thought that went into the design aesthetic didn’t sacrifice any ease-of-use design effort, as the gate and door are very well thought out as well. There’s a stay open feature that lets you lock the door in the open position when, for example, company is over and the gate should be easily traversable. It also swings out easily from the mounting hardware, letting you store it for periods of time when you don’t want it around at all, and then easily reattach it to the wall hardware with a quick snap.

What’s more, if you need it wider than 72″, there are 15″ extensions you can order separately in both colors, although they are a bit harder to find in stock.

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The Summer Infant Metal Expansion Gate

Summer Infant Metal Expansion GateSummer Infant has an extra wide baby gate that is very similar in price to North States (usually Summer Infant’s is less than $10 cheaper), but the main difference is that the Summer Infant Metal Expansion Gate is entirely straight and uses more of a combination pressure mount and hardware mount.

It uses wings that expand on a slide instead of the pivoting wings of the North States model. The Summer Infant model is kind of like a pressure mounted system too, with screws that expand out to the wall, although the circular ends of those screws are designed to fit into the small plastic hardware mounts that you screw into the wall in 4 places in order for the screws to not have to be completely tight against the wall. So while it is sold with hardware mounts, it seems as though it could be used as a pressure mount, especially if you use it with a pressure gate wall saver. It’s bound to decrease the sturdiness of the gate a bit, but that might be a worthwhile tradeoff for a renter or someone wanting a less permanent setup.

This expansion gate fits openings between 44 and 72 inches, is made of metal, and comes in a neutral cream finish. It also comes in a bronze finish, although the bronze is slightly more expensive.

The door on this gate is designed to be easy-open and openable with one hand, but some customers have lamented that it is a bit too difficult to open with one hand as you have to disengage a lock and lift the door all at once. So it really should be considered a two handed gate door for most. What some will see as an advantage of this door though is that it does swing both ways, whereas many baby gate doors are one-directional.

If you can get past these potential flaws and you prefer a pressure mounted extra wide baby gate or one with small hardware pieces, the Summer Infant Expansion Gate can be a good option.

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Pressure Mounted Extra Wide Baby Gates

If you are looking for true pressure mounted extra wide baby gates, Regalo makes their Extra Widespan Walk Through Gate entirely pressure mounted to a max width of 58 inches using the included extension kits, and Evenflo has a very simple mesh Soft And Wide Gate that is pressure mounted with rubber bumpers up to a max width of 60 inches at a price tag of less than $30. You can see these below.

There are less extra wide pressure mounted gates than hardware mounted, because as you would expect the wider a gate becomes the stronger mounting it needs to stay sturdy. To see a full range of pressure mounted baby gates in all sizes, find our pressure mounted baby gates comparison guide here.

Evenflo Soft and Wide Pressure Mounted Baby GateRegalo Extra Wide Pressure Mounted Baby Gate